Editorial/ Commercial

For rates, please contact via email or ‘contact us’ page www.carladysonmakeup.com

Destination Weddings (outside of Victoria)

Please contact via email or ‘contact us’ page www.carladysonmakeup.com

Bridal & Special Occasion Pricing 

Occasion makeup – from $250 including lashes
Occasion hair styling – from $220
Occasion services take approximately 1 hour per service
*times can vary depending on style.

Bridal Trial (Makeup only) – $250
Bridal Trial (Hair only) – $250
Bridal Trial (Hair AND Makeup) – $420
*Trial appointments take up to 1.5 hours per service (up to 3 hours for hair & makeup). Held from my home studio only. Usually held on Saturdays during the winter months (subject to availability). *I am usually unable to offer weekend trials from September to April however always do my best to accommodate where possible.

Bridal party makeup (on the day) – from $250 per service
Bridal party hair (on the day) – from $220 per service
Junior makeup (age 8-12) – $85
Junior hair (age 8-12) – POA depending on length/ thickness of hair
Other flower girls hair – POA depending on length/ thickness of hair

*Minimum bridal call out fee of $1250 applies to all bridal bookings.

*Minimum call out for all weekend bookings is $400 (2 services)

*Carla only offers bridal and event bookings on Saturdays due to commercial work Mon-Friday

She now has a team of artists over at www.the-creativedirectory.com

Any questions please contact via email or ‘contact us’ page www.carladysonmakeup.com

        Terms & Conditions

All prices listed are inclusive of GST

Minimum service charges apply to all bookings

Travel charges apply to all mobile bookings (calculated from Brighton East 3187)

Option to come to home studio in Brighton East available to ensure no travel charges incur

If location incurs parking/valet charges, this is to be covered by the client

Public holiday, early morning (prior to 7am start), evenings (after 6pm) and Sunday bookings – Surcharges apply

Non-refundable and non-transferable booking fee is required to secure all bookings.

If cancellation occurs, Booking Fee will be withheld.

Prices stated are subject to change.

*COVID-19 Safety Management plan*

The following policies and procedures must be understood and followed by workers and clients visiting Carla Dyson Makeup. Every person working, has a role and responsibility to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of themselves and others at the workplace. It is important that all parties understand their WHS obligations to eliminate or minimise the possibility of exposure to COVID-19.


  • Provide and maintain a work environment without the risks to health and safety of workers, visitors and any other persons at the workplace. (i.e. All products and tools will be disinfected after use, and decanted to ensure no cross contamination).
  • Provide and maintain safe systems of work (Schedule time between appointments to allow for adequate cleaning of any tools, equipment or furniture, as required.
  • Wipe down makeup chairs with disinfectant wipes between uses by different clients
  • Provide a hygiene station near the entrance of the makeup area
  • Ensure that the handling and storage of tools and substances does not pose risks to health and safety (ensuring regular cleaning and disinfecting and the use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE))
  • Provide the necessary information, instruction and supervision for workers, visitors and other persons at the workplace to protect against risks to health and safety (such as infection control and hygiene training and displaying signage in prominent locations)
  • Providing adequate facilities for the welfare of workers and visitors (through providing sufficient hygiene stations – washroom facilities and hand sanitiser available)
    Ensuring that the health of workers and visitors at the workplace are monitored for the purpose of preventing the transmission of COVID-19
  • Minimise the number of people present at the workplace by restricting all non-essential visitors. Please ensure to attend all appointments alone, to allow for social distancing within the studio (4 meters sq. per client).
  • Ensure physical distancing of at least 1.5 metres between persons (where this is not possible, PPE must be worn)
  • Workers and clients are advised that they should not greet each other through physical contact
  • Washroom facilities and sinks have hand wash, paper towels and a suitable waste disposal container available (Clients hands must be washed prior and after appointment)
  • All persons must be aware of hygienic practices when coughing or sneezing (such as coughing / sneezing into a tissue and disposing of immediately, or coughing into your elbow)
  • Undertake deep cleaning at the end of each day (including the workspace, bathroom facilities and any common touch areas like door handles)
  • Ensure that workers who are unwell with any cold / flu symptoms do not attend the workplace. Clients, please do not attend an appointment if you are unwell or have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the last 14 days.
  • Workers will have access to personal equipment for each client to minimise sharing (i.e. A separate set of brushes will be used per client and deep cleaned at the end of each day)
  • Contact information will be collected and maintained for every person in physical contact with the business (Name and contact number will be kept on file)
  • Wash / sanitise reusable equipment between use